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Dormitory Security

A+ Officers Security provides an end-to-end solution for dormitory security including planning to the deployment of security personnel. Our security management services identify risks and potential security issues so we can deliver a comprehensive security solution for dormitories that utilises best practices.

We can support the manpower needs that come with managing the security of the large area of a dormitory and the high number of residents. Our officers are equipped with the skills to do roving patrols to safeguard your dormitory.

Our officers will perform routine inspection of residential and common dormitory areas, report any activities that infringe on dormitory rules including theft, alcohol intoxication, drug abuse, violence or peddling of contraband cigarettes, and file incident reports.

Additional dormitory security duties include random checks on essential systems such as Public Address system, CCTVs and fire alarm systems to ensure they are fully operational. Our officers may also assist in worker’s repatriation and perform crowd control at eating points. They can assist in the handling of work passes for residents and prepare monthly reports on resident check-ins and check-outs for billing purposes.

Our Dormitory Security officers are trained to respond to emergency situations that can include fights, protests and emergency situations while calling in SPF and SCDF for support if needed.

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