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Auxiliary Police Officer (APO Singapore)

Auxiliary police officers safeguard public and private premises from potential security threats. They are trained in security screening and access clearance, patrolling and managing emergencies and accidents. Many may also carry arms as part of their duties.

Many auxiliary police officers are also trained with strong communication skills to work with each other and with clients to ensure their safety and security. They are also fit, alert and well-groomed so they can carry out their duties well while leaving a good impression for your visitors and employees and helping them to feel safe and protected.

Security Officers from A+ Officers Security are also trained in crowd control, traffic enforcement and event security. They enforce rules and check entry passes, persons, belongings and vehicles to ensure the safety of all visitors on the premises. Our officers are well-versed in handling emergency situations, alarm response and remote surveillance.  

The auxiliary police officers are also trained in roving patrols to ensure that your property is well-guarded while saving on manpower resources needed to secure the building. Our officers are responsible and punctual as we ensure that sufficient officers are on-site at the time stipulated to carry out their duties.

Auxiliary Police Officers are experienced in using communication equipment, surveillance cameras, cones, safety vests and other tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

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