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Security Guard Services Singapore

As one of the top security companies in Singapore, A+ Officers Security offers customized security assignments and 24/7 onsite security support brought by our security personnel.

Customized Security Assignments

We can cater to clients' needs whether you need security services in Singapore on a short-term or long-term solution to safeguard property. Our security services cover:

  • Event security (events of any kind)

  • Business and office protection for any company

  • Property security monitoring service

Our experienced guard team can mobilize our security officers to assess your premises to come up with a comprehensive security plan for each customer.

24/7 Onsite Support

If you have an urgent requirement for security guard services, our operating safety and security officers can be deployed anytime, 24/7. You can get immediate licensed 24-hour service from our professional and well-trained team of guards in Singapore.

Security Services in Singapore

Our certified, trained security guards are licensed by the police and stem from security fields to offer the most reliable security in Singapore.

  • Professional and commercial monitoring technology systems

  • Quality security surveillance and protection

  • Latest security technology for your protection

  • Expert security agency officers

Our trusted security company provides security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our business clients.

Traffic Control


All of our security agency officers are trained to use hand signals to direct traffic. They are knowledgeable in setting up barriers to effectively direct vehicles away from areas with Road Congestion.

We offer traffic management and roving patrols for the security needs of your public and private properties.

Learn more about our traffic control services here.


Security Officer


Our security officers are trained auxiliary police officers equipped with the knowledge and skills for security screening and access clearance, patrolling, and responding to emergencies and accidents.


Security Guard Guidelines

There are strict standards so that they can carry out their duties well while leaving a good impression on your visitors and employees. Our officers communicate well with each other and with your visitors and employees to ensure their safety.

Our company enforces strict guidelines that our safety personnel adhere to.

Selecting the Security Personnel

By completing their training with the Singapore Police Force, our security guards are set to fulfill the security needs of our clients. Our management selects the right security service team per our client's wishes.

Learn more about our security officers here.

Dormitory Security Services


Managing the security of large areas such as a dormitory can be challenging due to the resources required. We provide security management services to identify risks and potential security issues so we can deliver a comprehensive security solution for dormitories.

Our trained officers can be deployed 24/7 for general peacekeeping responsibilities and guarding the safety of dormitory residents. We are able to provide enough manpower resources and utilize roving patrols to ensure your dormitory is well guarded and safe.

Learn more about our dormitory security services here.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out and inquire about our rates and the efficient and affordable services that we provide here.

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