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Traffic Marshall & Controller

A+ Officers Security offers traffic management services and roving patrols.

Our well-trained traffic marshals are experienced in directing and facilitating traffic during your exhibitions and events and at your premises to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and safety for public pedestrians. We also support the traffic management needs of construction and road works projects to direct traffic and ensure public safety.  

Our team of traffic controllers provides roving patrols for your premises and facilities. Experienced officers will check and secure your premises and keep you updated on security incidents and statuses 24 hours a day for every day of the week. You will experience improved security with less manpower resources required.

Traffic Management

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A+ Officers Security offers traffic management services for construction and road works projects, exhibitions, events and public and private premises.

Traffic congestion can easily result due to the nature of construction and road works projects. Our experienced traffic marshals are trained to direct workers and vehicles so that public safety can be protected while facilitating the smooth operation of construction and road works projects. We provide roving marshals and static officers to meet the needs of your project whether it is minor road works or a major, large-scale construction project.

A+ Officers Security also supports exhibitions, corporate events and public events such as carnivals so that visitors have a smooth experience while their safety is ensured. Our traffic marshals and trained officers are skilled at directing visitors and vehicles around popular event premises and quickly assessing the layout of new event spaces to identify the best way to direct human and vehicular traffic.

We also provide traffic marshals to direct traffic flow at your office building or school, especially during the peak hours in the morning and evening. It can be challenging to ensure the safety of large crowds of pedestrians while managing the smooth flow of traffic to prevent traffic congestion. However, our traffic controllers will skillfully direct traffic while enabling pedestrians to enter or leave the building safely.

Safety & Security


A+ Officers Security continually strives to develop our security officers to improve their productivity and skills. Our officers are empowered to handle traffic management and roving patrols to meet your needs.


We have our own high quality training based on field experience to ensure that security officers are knowledgeable in identifying and assessing risks while retaining the flexibility to adapt to changing situations. They are also equipped with skills to act swiftly and decisively when needed to ensure the safety and security of our clients and the public, including pedestrians and vehicles.


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